Monday, March 7, 2011

Post 1 Of Pre-Oscar Boom Boom Room

Brrr.... Well I'm Back from California and almost recovered from the Pre-Oscar event the "Baby Boom Boom Room"  I have to say that the weather in LA & Palm Springs was much more to my liking, it was sad when I realized that were no intentional ice cubes in my latte this morning.. However glad to be back and back to work!

Instead of writing one massive blog with a general story of the event, I have decided to write short stories to cover the many experiences we had. 

Now I know many of you would love me to jump in with who's who and the best of the best gossip, instead I am going to share with you what I consider some of my best experience.. me, my table, my neighbours and my BFF.


Jolene Laing & Aly Dahl-Johnson
The table top

Sweetheart with Chocolate Aly Dahl Egg

Our table
 As you can see our table was very black and purple,  we had some animal print accents with a brown and black beautiful box from Eternal Vessels to display jewellery in (they make beautiful urns and boxes - stay tuned to find out more about how we are teaming up to work together with a pet urn & print keepsake)

We were also blessed enough to have some fun freebie cards from our friends over at Tsitah Threads (they make the CUTEST hats, bandannas & quilts.  My kids Maaren and Leif each have a hat and they LOVE them, very cute & comfortable. ... and the best part.. they are easy to wash.  

I was very pleased with the way the table turned out.  I had planned on having Gerber flowers on the table in these sweet little glasses I stole from my mom's house, however after running all over Beverly Hills Friday morning only to find that the florist was "running late" and at an hour after opening when there was no sign of anyone I gave up and headed back to the event..
Lucky for me, my neighbour vendors Jessica & Amy ordered room service lunch and on the cart arrived a tiny bouquet of purple and white flowers....which I snagged and placed on my table for the remainder of the 2 days. (These can be seen in the top photo behind me and my cheesy I made it to Hollywood gesture).

Amy & Jessica from Lil Kiddies Creations of Florida

Amy & Jessica had a beautiful table full of fun bright tutu's, onsies, lollipops, they were excellent neighbours as well as dinner partners.  To find out more about their business check out Lil Kiddes Creations  to see more of their delicious creations & to see their fun pictures!

Wally & Shannon From Hipp Mama
Shannon is the ingenious woman behind the Hipp Mama Tool Belt, such a cool idea and the product is top notch.  I am thinking of ordering one to keep my jewellery tools, cell phone and Leif's sippy cup in.  Check out her site at: The Hipp Mama

Wally was the shared husband of the weekend, seeking excellent restaurants to feed all us women.  Friday night we ended up at Ingrid's cafe which was so delicious and so much fun.  We had a blast with Wally & his harum of 5 women.

A better picture of this gorgeous couple from Chicago

And here is the Aly Dahl Designs employee of the month: 

Jolene Laing

Tomorrow I will post some pictures and some experiences with celebrities.


  1. Glad you are home safe and sound! The table looks lovely and your little eggies are too cute...looking forward to reading the rest of your adventures! Now off to have a boo at the links above :)

  2. Your table is beautiful! It turned out so well Aly! So glad you had a great time :) I really enjoyed the Facebook updates too!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, I would love to know more about your experiences.