Sunday, December 20, 2009

Updated website

I have finally updated my website to include some pictures of pieces I have recently done and now have them available for sale on my site.

I have had an incredible Christmas season, sold a ton of custom pieces and had a crazy amount of fingerprint jewellery (jewelry) orders.

I am getting ready to launch the business in January and am hoping to get into some trendy jewellery (jewelry) and Childrens boutiques. If you know of any shops that my jewellery would be a good fit for please email me at

I am also looking for company to make some great looking and functioning packaging for my impression kits and for the final product.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season!

Happy Holidays from BC Hydro

Happy Holidays from BC Hydro

This link is great, you can play a fun game at the same time each person who plays BC hydro donates money to the BC Childrens Hospital Foundation.
It was fun and interactive and at the end of the game, you've done something great for kids.