Tuesday, June 29, 2010

From Run Way to Sex in the City: A STORY OF VALIDATION

RETAIL THERAPY: Harper's Bazaar fashion editor says bold accessories please!

We were lucky enough to be invited to a red carpet event recently that Avril Graham, executive fashion and beauty editor, Harper’s Bazaar hosted.  It was a fabulous event, Avril was great to listen to with her whimsical British accent and passion for fashion.   She gave a great update on what is being shown on the runways for fall/winter 2010 and what is being seen on the street right now.  She spoke to the economy and what people are buying and not buying.  The best thing she said was people are buying simple pieces of clothing and dressing up with great accessories.  Big, bold, bright pieces of jewellery are all the rage. With a great piece of jewellery you can wear a dress you have had in your closet and make it look brand new again.

Big, chunky, bright accessories are no longer being reserved for evening wear. The trend is to wear great jewellery anytime of the day.  Our iCANDY collection would be fantastic with a simple pair of jeans or shorts and plain tank top, wear some great gladiator sandals and you have a perfect outfit that will take you all day and into the evening. 

I recently watched Sex in the City 2 and was so excited looking at the accessories.. especially when I kept recognizing pieces similar to my current line.  I felt this amazing warm fuzziness come over me and excitement I can't even begin to express,  like somehow I had made it. It was so great to see all the beautiful druzzies and large stones, it was a validation I didn't know I needed until I got it in the most unusual of places. I went to the movie to see what the characters were up to and left feeling like I had somehow made it.  

A big Thank You Carrie for making me see in bright lights, on a big screen that I am on the right path, and what I am doing, what I am thinking is good.. That I might just be great at what I do. 

And a big Thank You to Avril Graham, hearing you speak to me in colour, and texture left me inspired and yearning to come home and continue creating. 

Now, if Harper's Bazaar would show my line in the magazine, and Carrie was to wear my jewellery in the next sex in the City Movie..my life would be a perfect dream!  
The thought of opening my favourite magazine and seeing my designs looking back at me would be the cherry on top of my already blessed life. Just got goose bumps thinking about it.  Now time to get back to work, thanks for reading :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Website Update and New line of fancy jewels

I have just come back from Las Vegas where I was able to get my hands on some amazing stones.
I have named my newest collection of original jewellery iCANDY.  It is made up of some beautifully coloured druzzie stones, silver, re-worked tiles, silks, rubies, gemstones.. it is tasty! I will be adding pieces on a regular basis as I get items completed and photographed.
I have also added an area where I will add my silver jewelry as it becomes ready to be sold.
I have updated my website to include the new pieces as well as included a few new areas.  Check it out at: www.alydahl.com

Here is a taste of the delicious new pieces: