Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Silver Fingerprints: Etsy, Xanga, Twitter and Facebook

Silver Fingerprints: Etsy, Xanga, Twitter and Facebook


Etsy, Xanga, Twitter and Facebook

I have been on Facebook for some time now. It was really the only place I was for the longest time. I have a fanpage under Your Prints Charming, I have a 50 or so fan's and hope for that to grow.

As I learn more about what you "need" to do to launch a website and business and to say the least, this could be a full time job just updating all the networking sites.

I am keeping this blog more of a place for me to keep record of my existence and a memory of the things I did to get started. So when I am crazy successful I can look back and remember it was because of all the hard work.

I did 3 craft shows this past week, they were good but I learned that I need to know the target market of the people going to the craft fair. I sold enough to have made it worth while but I do wonder if I were somewhere with less grey hair and more hip moms if I would have done better.

I am now on Etsy with some custom pieces I have done as well as the fingerprint jewellery.


I am now addicted to Etsy, it is such a great site for craftsmen. I love all the amazing things different artists are doing.

I have started a twitter account, I am really enjoying giving random rants of what I am up to on it: User: Yourprintscharm

Take a look at my stuff on Etsy and my webpage: www.silverfingerprints.ca

Thanks again for reading, I really appreciate it.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Silver Fingerprints: Business named, license on it's way...

Silver Fingerprints: Business named, license on it's way...

Business named, license on it's way...

It's official, Aly Dahl Designs is the name that I am running the business as. I have decided this gives me the most options for expanding my line.

At the moment Your Prints Charming (www.silverfingerprints.ca) is the line I am focusing my efforts on getting up and running.

"Your Prints Charming by Aly Dahl Designs" will be the impression jewellery line.

My next line will be "All Dahled Up" it will include my fancy pants designs.

I am working on getting www.alydahl.com and www.alydahl.ca up and running although eventually they will all be linked together.

Think Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger, Coco Channel. I may not be a well known designer (yet). But I imagine there was a time that they were not know either. I would even bet there was a time they also felt like a little fish.

I am getting really excited with each day, it is so much work getting a new business up and running but I have to say I have never been happier.

Until next time..
Aly Dahl of Aly Dahl Designs