Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fathers Day!

Thinking of getting something for Dad? The Dog Tag is awesome for Dad,  I have been busy making them for the past few weeks for our local Dad's as well as some high profile Daddies.

Here is what I learned but did not know before I had kids, a husband and started a business hand crafting sentimental keepsake jewelry.  I honestly did not know that Dad's were sentimental. 

What I know now is Dads are extremely sentimental and proud of their kids, just as much as Mom's. I have had a lot of men that after they received the tag as a gift (Let's be honest 90% of my sales are by women) have gone out of their way to email or phone me to tell me how special their tag is to them & how they cherish it.  It surprises me every time.  And it is why I LOVE doing what I do.

My husband was the inspiration behind the first dog tag I made, the first one I made was made to look like an heirloom and antique & cracked it to give it a raw treasure feel. 

I decided it was too feminine and kept this one for myself.  I then re-designed to be more masculine and military inspired:

I love this tag and this quickly became a best seller for men and women.

This year I did a slight re-design again, changed technique in crafting and here is the 2011 Men & Women's Dog tag:

I often get asked which Chain to purchase with the dog tag, here are my recomendations:

For a Man who wears jewelry, likes bling or needs something extra sturdy - go with the 3.0mm  or 4.0mm 24" Ball Chain.  

For Women & Men who are not as used to wearing jewelry, or does not need something as heavy duty then the 2.2mm 24" is the way to go.  It is probably the most popular or best bet if you are not sure which one to get. 

 I do sell the 1.8mm ball chains but find that they are a bit light weight for the size of the dog tag, but some people like it that way too. 

So it does come down to personal choice.  You can always exchange if you decide it is not the right chain for you.  

When it comes to length 24" is the standard, and typically is the best length for most men.  My husband is 6'5" and it still looks good on him.

Hope that helps your Fathers Day shopping!  You can buy on line at

This month only 15% of all sales are being donated to Breast Cancer Research. 

If you are looking to have made in time for Fathers Day please order by the end of this month & have the imprint back to me by June 10th to ensure I can have made & sent back to you by Fathers Day.  If you are in the Metro Vancouver area I can arrange to meet you to take print or drop off kit to. 

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Drum Roll Please..

I am a day late due to health reasons, however regardless of the lost day.. we have a winner, and it was a tight race!  Robin Stewart won the race at the final hour with a 1 point lead over Tiny Toes.

Here is the winning photo:

Thank you to everyone who voted, because of your votes here are the earrings that Robin will be sporting around town:

Congratulations Robin!  I had a lot of fun doing this competition and I do plan on doing another one so make sure to take a photo of your Aly Dahl Jewelry & keep it on hand for our next competition!

Here is a link to our facebook page with the final photo's in the competition: Facebook/alydahldesigns