Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Leaving.. on A Jet Plane...

Word on the street has it I am off to Hollywood very soon... Wow maybe a little TOO soon.. So much to do.. If it was just myself and my stuff.. then no problemo.. but I am also taking my knee Highs (Descriptor word stolen from a good friend..thanks Gigi)..

So not only am I running around trying to pack all my work items, but I am also trying to pack for my children who seem to have grown 3 feet each (and by feet I mean the things they walk on as well as height) since last summer.. Good thing Grandma lives near excellent shopping in perma summer Palm Springs..

Today is get er done day.. About to go pick up the kids and take them to my cousin Jenny's place so I can hopefully.. fingers crossed... get 100 lbs of stuff into a 50 lb bag.. Finish a few last samples, and lose 50 lbs this afternoon.... Might need to cross my toes as well..

Anyhow, I will try to be posting all my updates and photo's to my facebook fanpage:!/pages/Aly-Dahl-Designs/235097213785
While I am away and would love for you and your friends to be come fans. So if you are not a fan, please become one and then at the bottom of the page (left hand tool bar) click share and ask your friends to become fans to.   I am so excited to be sharing this experience with as many people as I can.

I will try to post here as well, but not sure how that will work out from my black berry.

See you in Hollywood :)

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  1. You have me cracking up! Have a wonderful trip and don't worry if you can't cross your toes, I will just ask my husband to cross his for you cause he can! :) I'll be sending you all my positive energy the whole time <3 You can count on it! Believe and achieve! xoxo