Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oscars Post 7 - A personal Fave

There has only been a few times in my life that I have had that feeling of butterflies dancing inside me, that feeling of pure excitement..

Meeting Dot Marie Jones was one of those events that did just that, sitting here now just looking at the photo brings all of the joy that I felt in that moment come gushing back.

Dot Marie Jones plays Coach Bieste on one of my favourite shows, Glee.  This woman is so talented, and I have to say she was probably one of the kindest people I have ever met.  LOVE LOVE LOVE her.

Now my excitement came from my own excitement to meet the Coach, but it was also to do with my daughter.  At the ripe age of "almost 5" celebrity is not really in her vocab... but I knew she would know this one.

My daughter, Maaren, goes to gymnastics every Tuesday evening and as soon as she gets home from the hard work out, she sits down next to me and suggests we start Glee. (We hate the weeks it's not on.) 
Typically the whole family watches together, but it is my Maary and I that snuggle up and demand silence after every commercial break. 

When I saw Dot walk in the room, I knew how excited Maary would be to see me standing next to Coach Bieste.  Here is one of the few pictures that I am in from the Oscar event that I don't hate. Can you see the genuine look of "Glee" in my eye!

My BFF and employee of the century Jolene is also a big fan of the show and we couldn't resist getting one of the two of them as well. 

Fast forward a couple days to me arriving back to Palm Springs loaded up with My Little Ponies, Leap Frog Maps and pens, and other fun freebies from the event to shower my children with.. I then dig out my camera and the first picture I show her is the one of me and Dot Marie Jones and my daughter flips out.  I'm not talking a quick "cool mom".. I'm talking she almost "peed herself" excitement.  That was the moment for me when I knew that at least in my "almost 5" year old daughters eyes I was cool. (Hopefully I can milk that for a few more years).

However the picture did create a lot of confusion.  Maaren now thinks that I work for Coach Bieste and that she gave her all the gifts.  So Ms.Jones if you ever read this, you are a serious hero in my daughters eyes and she would love to know how you knew she loves My Little Pony, she is convinced that you somehow work in cahoots with Santa.

I was a huge fan before I met Dot Marie, but now I am thinking of running for president of her fan club. A serious pleasure it was to be in her presence.

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  1. How AWESOME!!! You should put that pick in your daughter's room!