Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oscars Post 4 - Legendary experience

Granted this is not a great photo of any of us..except maybe the adorable Wayne daughters... Regardless, it was a great honour and delight to meet Brendan Wayne.

For those who do not Brendan Wayne, he is a charming actor, father, avid horseman & the grandson of the legendary John Wayne. 

When Brendan asked where we are from he spoke about how he loved filming here, and mentioned an interesting experience he had at Roosters Country Bar in Pitt Meadows.   (I too have had interesting experiences at Roosters).  He was here filming a re-make of Angels and the Badman a classic film his grandfather made in 1947 that was shot in Pitt Meadows.

He was gracious and kind, I look forward to seeing him in upcoming movies: The Legend of Hell's Gate an American Conspiracy & Cowboys & Aliens.

I also look forward to making a dog tag for him with his 2 adorable daughter's fingerprints on it.

I wish him nothing but the best for his career & his family. It was a true pleasure meeting him.

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