Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oscar Post 8 - Autum Reeser & Toeprints

Autumn Reeser was adorable, and had that perfect pregnancy glow going on.  She was so sweet and I can't wait to cast her coming attractions little toe print and memorialize it in silver to become a cherished keepsake for her & her family for generations to come! 

I love doing toe prints.  For newborn's and kids under 1 they turn out the best, but even for bigger kids (including adults) they are so cute.  I recently did a dog tag for a famous Daddy with the child's finger and toe print on it.. and I have to say it was SO CUTE!   Toes tend to be rounder and fingers more oval so it was obvious on the tag which was which.  I LOVED IT and so did he!

 I am thinking I will probably do one for myself of each of my kids so when they get older I can give it to them so they will always a piece of their childhood with them to look back on.    

My daughter is 5 on Monday and I will be finger printing and toe printing her on that day to capture this milestone.  For some reason 5 seems huge to me, like it's the beginning of the end.. school, boyfriends, college, moving out, marriage, babies, .. OK I need to stop before the waterworks begin.

Her and I are working on a butterfly pendant that will have her toe prints and finger prints as the wings.. I'll keep you posted on how that turns out.  I have a feeling it will be a ton of work.. but it's worth it to me, I love making jewellery with meaning.   Especially when her and I can do it together.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oscars Post 7 - A personal Fave

There has only been a few times in my life that I have had that feeling of butterflies dancing inside me, that feeling of pure excitement..

Meeting Dot Marie Jones was one of those events that did just that, sitting here now just looking at the photo brings all of the joy that I felt in that moment come gushing back.

Dot Marie Jones plays Coach Bieste on one of my favourite shows, Glee.  This woman is so talented, and I have to say she was probably one of the kindest people I have ever met.  LOVE LOVE LOVE her.

Now my excitement came from my own excitement to meet the Coach, but it was also to do with my daughter.  At the ripe age of "almost 5" celebrity is not really in her vocab... but I knew she would know this one.

My daughter, Maaren, goes to gymnastics every Tuesday evening and as soon as she gets home from the hard work out, she sits down next to me and suggests we start Glee. (We hate the weeks it's not on.) 
Typically the whole family watches together, but it is my Maary and I that snuggle up and demand silence after every commercial break. 

When I saw Dot walk in the room, I knew how excited Maary would be to see me standing next to Coach Bieste.  Here is one of the few pictures that I am in from the Oscar event that I don't hate. Can you see the genuine look of "Glee" in my eye!

My BFF and employee of the century Jolene is also a big fan of the show and we couldn't resist getting one of the two of them as well. 

Fast forward a couple days to me arriving back to Palm Springs loaded up with My Little Ponies, Leap Frog Maps and pens, and other fun freebies from the event to shower my children with.. I then dig out my camera and the first picture I show her is the one of me and Dot Marie Jones and my daughter flips out.  I'm not talking a quick "cool mom".. I'm talking she almost "peed herself" excitement.  That was the moment for me when I knew that at least in my "almost 5" year old daughters eyes I was cool. (Hopefully I can milk that for a few more years).

However the picture did create a lot of confusion.  Maaren now thinks that I work for Coach Bieste and that she gave her all the gifts.  So Ms.Jones if you ever read this, you are a serious hero in my daughters eyes and she would love to know how you knew she loves My Little Pony, she is convinced that you somehow work in cahoots with Santa.

I was a huge fan before I met Dot Marie, but now I am thinking of running for president of her fan club. A serious pleasure it was to be in her presence.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oscars Post 6

Tonight I am doing more pictures than writing.. I have been busy in the studio all day making dog tags & pendants for celebrities and my fans...  Enjoy! Aly
Jennifer Freeman
Probably best known for her role on my Wife and Kids as Claire Kyle and playing Jill on the Johnson's Family Vacation.  Very sweet, kind courteous!

Suzie Castillo
This former Miss USA is pretty inside and out, she has hosted numerous shows and been the face of nuetregena, but I have to say I am really looking forward to seeing her on her new show School Pride.  As co-host and designer of the show, Susie uses her Interior Architecture and Design degree to give neglected public schools a much-needed face lift and empower communities across the country to help change America's broken public education system.  How awesome does that sound! So positive, I am behind shows like this 100%, even if they make me cry.

Tracy Hutson
Tracy is a very accomplished interior designer and may look familiar as she is part of the dream team on ABC's Extreme Make Over Home Edition.  She has even written a book on how to decorate the perfect space for your child.  These two were so kind and funny.  And had great shoes!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oscars Post 5 - Hot Mamma McKeller

I was filmed on A-Channel News in February mentioning how I needed to lose a quick 50 lbs as I didn't want to be photographed next to brand new moms who are teeny tiny.. Danica McKellar is one of those moms.  Notice I am not in the photo - That's right, I was not successful in the quick 50 off program.

Now every boy and some girls I knew growing up had a crush on Winnie Cooper of the Wonder Years... but  Danica McKeller has grown into a STUNNING woman.  Not only is she gorgeous she is also extremely intelligent, kind and has THE cutest baby ever. 

Did you know Danica graduated UCLA with the highest honours in Mathematics!  She is also a New York best seller on the topic:  Math Doesn't Suck: How to Survive Middle-School Math without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail, which encourages girls in middle school to enjoy and succeed at mathematics. 

I really look forward to turning the adorable Drako's fingerprint in a cherished keepsake for Danica to wear close to her heart.

The world needs more Danica McKeller's.  Gorgeous, smart, great mother, and proud of her brain. She was a true joy to meet & an excellent role model for my daughter :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oscars Post 4 - Legendary experience

Granted this is not a great photo of any of us..except maybe the adorable Wayne daughters... Regardless, it was a great honour and delight to meet Brendan Wayne.

For those who do not Brendan Wayne, he is a charming actor, father, avid horseman & the grandson of the legendary John Wayne. 

When Brendan asked where we are from he spoke about how he loved filming here, and mentioned an interesting experience he had at Roosters Country Bar in Pitt Meadows.   (I too have had interesting experiences at Roosters).  He was here filming a re-make of Angels and the Badman a classic film his grandfather made in 1947 that was shot in Pitt Meadows.

He was gracious and kind, I look forward to seeing him in upcoming movies: The Legend of Hell's Gate an American Conspiracy & Cowboys & Aliens.

I also look forward to making a dog tag for him with his 2 adorable daughter's fingerprints on it.

I wish him nothing but the best for his career & his family. It was a true pleasure meeting him.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Oscar Post 3 - I just wanted to hug her

Living in Vancouver is an experience in and of it's self, I have worked, lived, and have had numerous actor & singer friends, because of that I don't really have the "star-struck" in "Awe" mentality that I know many do. I know the truth.. they are just people looking for answers - just like the rest of us, except with better taste because they can afford it.   But when I met Dannielynn Smith-Birkhead I just wanted to hug her. 

Getting Putty ready to take fingerprint impression with

Perhaps it is because we have seen her life play out in the media, the tragedy of her brother and mothers passing or the absurdity of her paternity testing.   Something deep inside me wanted to hug them both but I knew if I had I would probably have cried, and then with that I would have for sure freaked the poor kid right out. 

Taking Dannielynn's imprint

Both Larry & Dannielynn were adorable, she looks just like her gorgeous mother and father, and her delicious blue lollipop coloured mouth reminded me of my own daughter, same in age.

Getting the print just right
I am in the process of making Larry a military inspired dog tag with Dannielynn's print on it. I feel somewhat honoured to make it, I think it is because I am a Mother.  Any child who has had the heart break of losing a parent holds a special place in my heart.  My mother lost her father at a young age and I have always wished I could have taken that pain away for her. Because of that I have always known how lucky I am to have both my parents. 

I hope Larry loves his dog tag, and I hope that Dannielynn looks at the dog tag when her dad wears it... just like my daughter looks at her print that hangs around her Dad's neck and with that she knows how much she is loved.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oscars Post 2

For this second post of the Oscar event I will share with you a few stories of a couple of the celebrities I was blessed enough to meet and showcase my fingerprint jewellery to.

For me to say I was a wee bit intimidated or nervous would be an understatement.. not to say I didn't keep my cool, I did.. but to be honest I spent over an hour doing my make up and hair which is an hour longer than I normally do (I love working from home).. Looking back it seems hilarious... as if anyone was interested in seeing my mug..  Anyhow here are my first few celebrity encounters...

Nicole Sullivan
Nicole Sullivan was a doll, her and her son were adorable. I have been a fan of her acting since Mad TV, and the King of Queens, she has been the voice of many of my favourite cartoon characters and most recently she plays the feisty daughter in law to William Shatner on Sh*t my dad says.  
Her son was so cute and full of life, she is an excellent mom and she said she really loved my jewellery.  I feel so fortunate that Nicole was the first celebrity we had at our table, she made me feel confident and at ease for the entire rest of the day.  I look forward to making a fingerprint charm of her two son's for her to keep close to her at all times. 

Tisha Campbell
Tisha Campbell is GORGEOUS and funny.  She has been in a ton of shows, getting her big break on the "Martin" show, she has been on My wife & Kids, Everybody hates Chris, All of us, Rita Rocks.. the list goes on and on.  Tisha was kind, well spoken, funny and did I mention GORGEOUS! As soon as the camera came out she knew what to do, such a pro!
She said she can't wait to have her 2 sons prints made into a cherished keepsake by Aly Dahl Designs.

I will post some more stories in the coming days, it is so fun for me to re-live the experience through writing and sharing with all of you.  Thank you for reading my blog. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What a Rush...

Urban Rush - I did an interview and segment on Urban Rush today. Now I'm not sure if it is because I am getting more comfortable doing interviews or if the entire crew and staff at Shaw were so incredibly nice and supportive.  Perhaps both.. regardless I am so happy with this interview!

For those who know me well, they would tell you that my ultimate dream is to have someone live with me and do my hair and make up every morning.. I love nothing more than to be preened.   Although I did my own hair, having my make up done was fantastic!  I am waiting until just before bed to wash it off... ahh heaven.

Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford the hosts of Urban Rush, were so great, I can't thank them enough for making today such a wonderful experience.  Such pro's!

I will write another post on the Oscars for tomorrow but for those of you who would like to see the interview from today (which includes coverage of the event).. check out the segment on you tube:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Post 1 Of Pre-Oscar Boom Boom Room

Brrr.... Well I'm Back from California and almost recovered from the Pre-Oscar event the "Baby Boom Boom Room"  I have to say that the weather in LA & Palm Springs was much more to my liking, it was sad when I realized that were no intentional ice cubes in my latte this morning.. However glad to be back and back to work!

Instead of writing one massive blog with a general story of the event, I have decided to write short stories to cover the many experiences we had. 

Now I know many of you would love me to jump in with who's who and the best of the best gossip, instead I am going to share with you what I consider some of my best experience.. me, my table, my neighbours and my BFF.


Jolene Laing & Aly Dahl-Johnson
The table top

Sweetheart with Chocolate Aly Dahl Egg

Our table
 As you can see our table was very black and purple,  we had some animal print accents with a brown and black beautiful box from Eternal Vessels to display jewellery in (they make beautiful urns and boxes - stay tuned to find out more about how we are teaming up to work together with a pet urn & print keepsake)

We were also blessed enough to have some fun freebie cards from our friends over at Tsitah Threads (they make the CUTEST hats, bandannas & quilts.  My kids Maaren and Leif each have a hat and they LOVE them, very cute & comfortable. ... and the best part.. they are easy to wash.  

I was very pleased with the way the table turned out.  I had planned on having Gerber flowers on the table in these sweet little glasses I stole from my mom's house, however after running all over Beverly Hills Friday morning only to find that the florist was "running late" and at an hour after opening when there was no sign of anyone I gave up and headed back to the event..
Lucky for me, my neighbour vendors Jessica & Amy ordered room service lunch and on the cart arrived a tiny bouquet of purple and white flowers....which I snagged and placed on my table for the remainder of the 2 days. (These can be seen in the top photo behind me and my cheesy I made it to Hollywood gesture).

Amy & Jessica from Lil Kiddies Creations of Florida

Amy & Jessica had a beautiful table full of fun bright tutu's, onsies, lollipops, they were excellent neighbours as well as dinner partners.  To find out more about their business check out Lil Kiddes Creations  to see more of their delicious creations & to see their fun pictures!

Wally & Shannon From Hipp Mama
Shannon is the ingenious woman behind the Hipp Mama Tool Belt, such a cool idea and the product is top notch.  I am thinking of ordering one to keep my jewellery tools, cell phone and Leif's sippy cup in.  Check out her site at: The Hipp Mama

Wally was the shared husband of the weekend, seeking excellent restaurants to feed all us women.  Friday night we ended up at Ingrid's cafe which was so delicious and so much fun.  We had a blast with Wally & his harum of 5 women.

A better picture of this gorgeous couple from Chicago

And here is the Aly Dahl Designs employee of the month: 

Jolene Laing

Tomorrow I will post some pictures and some experiences with celebrities.