Thursday, July 29, 2010

On the Road again.. Peddling my wares

I am getting ready to hit the road.  Doing a sales trip of sorts. I have had a fantastic boutique/salon in Victoria approach me about carrying some of my jewellery.  Brandi Wein For Hair
Brandi did my hair for what was probably close to 10 years when I lived on the island (and when ever I can get back), she is an award winning hair dresser with the most beautiful boutique at Shoal Point. 
If you ever get the opportunity to get your hair done by her, you are in for a treat! AMAZING!

When I saw Brandi last weekend she loved my new 'Turq'ish Delight line and asked me to make a few pieces to display in her shop.  I have been busy working and making (my hands feel twice my age today) and am really happy with some new creations that I will be leaving in her shop next week.

I am also bringing some of my fingerprint jewelry line to display and sell in shops up and down the island.  I make anything you can think of out of silver that includes you and your loved ones fingerprints.    It is the perfect cherished keepsake.  My favourite of the moment is the military style dog tag on silver ball chain.   I am almost always seen wearing my two kids prints on a plain chain, it goes with everything, and they love to feel them as much as I do. 

So I am island bound, items to sell in tow and supplies to make in totes.. I am off.  If you have a boutique or shop and would like to try my stuff out, email me at 
and I will make sure to stop by and peddle my wares!

All the best!


Brandi Wein For Hair is located at: #15 - 21 Dallas Road,  Victoria BC


  1. Have a wonderful trip Aly and sell lots! Your beautiful work speaks for itself!

  2. It is almost Monday now and I hope your trip to the island went swimmingly :)

  3. Was gone for almost 2 weeks.. fantastic trip.. the island has charm... and sold tons of stuff so very happy!