Friday, August 13, 2010

Common Sense and Reading came in Handy yet again!

Last October I met a young man who was a "website genius".. I met with him at Lougheed mall in Burnaby for coffee,  I knew the questions to ask according to what I learned at my business classes at college, but really I knew nothing about building a website.

He reminded me of my younger brother Luke (who I have a  soft spot for) and I hired him instantly. He didn't want payment up front he said when we got working on things more seriously I could pay half up front and half when it was done.   I spent MONTHS and months getting stuff together for him, making items to photograph, photographing.. searching the web for sites I liked.   

When I first decided to sell on line I was searching names and bought website names I thought were good.  The first one I bought was it was through a dotcom company who does back end servers and had templates and things. One of the things I did do was put up a site I made as a "holding site".  So I started to build my site while my "Web Genius" was building my "real" site. 

Along the way I named my business Aly Dahl Designs and bought and,  I called my web guy a few times and he said he could help me.. but then he started to not return my emails or my calls.  So I figured out how to forward those addresses to the silverfingerprints one.  Getting smarter. 
I started to tweak my site and started getting compliments on it.. smarter again..  Figured out how to re-size photo's, make tab's, meta tags...Wow, starting to get cocky..

For the past 4 months since firing my "Web Genius" as he was too busy to remember I was alive.. and he did nothing in 6 months... I had been looking for someone to do a shopping cart on my site.  Life being like it is I haven't found anyone.

So today I decided.. how hard could it be? I am proud to say I am now pretty flippin smart.. Although it has taken 12 hours, two of my collections now have "Add to Cart" buttons so people can buy stuff directly from my site!!! No more email!!! (Although I had linked it up to each piece and I thought I was pretty smart)...

So you can now officially actually Shop "Shop Fingerprint Impressions" and my iCANDY line!!!! Check it out!!!

Well that's my big accomplishment for today, It was a biggy!  Hopefully next week all my lines will have "Add to Cart" button and I will get back to making and posting new pieces!!! 

Have a great weekend,

AKA.. an Almost  "Web Genius"


  1. YAY!!!! Nice work Web Genius!

    Sincerly Not-So-Web-Genius-But-Willing-To-Apprentice

    Alicia xoxo

  2. lol! How many apprentices are you willing to accept?!

  3. good job Aly, it is amazing and rewarding to teach your self.

  4. Thanks! I am willing to take on apprentices.. but I am kinda slow.. but cheap!