Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Being Sick and Being your own boss is not an advantage

After spending most of my adult life employed by a large company with fantastic benefits I got used to certain "perks"... such as sick days which entailed spending the day in bed watching cheezy soap opera's and wandering in and out of consciousness. 
I have had a wicked cold for the past 3 weeks, and instead of taking a day off, I worked through it.. I mean it was only a cold and how strenuous can taking pictures, doing book keeping, posting, updating, proof reading, developing packaging be? I mean I do 90% of that from my living room.
On Sunday morning I could barely get out of bed. This after 3 weeks of sore throats, coughing, sneezing, ear aches.. What the heck? Are you not supposed to get better with time? Monday was a little worse but I continued to work and by Tuesday I was sure I was dying.  By this time I am now sputtering like a lawn sprinkler with every cough and Darren demands I see the Doctor. 
So here I am working from bed with a bad case of bronchitis.
Work is busy this week which is fantastic, the new line is selling fast and of course my reports were due today.. And well when what you eat is determines what you make... taking a day off seems a bit nuts.
However I was successful in getting my reports in on time, updated my bookkeeping, paid some bills, photographed new pieces and updated my website most from the comfort of bed. 
Here is are links to the new pieces and the new line 'Turq'ish delight:
Silver Originals
'Turq'ish Delight

All I can say is.. I am so glad Darren is home right now so I have been able to be cuddle mom only, which I have to say is a slice of heaven..
Being my own boss may have a lot of perks, and I have never been happier, but I do miss the benefits of corporate world.


  1. Aly, I hope you feel better asap! That is so tough working through being sick! You got so much accomplished, and I LOVE the names of the lines you come up with!
    Feel better!

  2. No days off for the Mompreneurs and no rest for the wicked! It looks like one can't win either way ;) Everything looks spectacular though so you are definitely doing something right!!

  3. hey Aly, hope you start to feel better soon. Sorry that we couldn't see you today, but sounds ike you needed some rest anyways. I LOVE me new pieces. They are stunning. Ryder wants me to "go to the store" and buy him a necklace like mine. Thank you, THank you, Thank the new stuff too! I will wear them with pride!

  4. Thanks Carey!! I was wondering how they worked for you. I love both those pieces so much, I hope I get some more bubble gum pink stones again, I want a pair :)