Monday, July 5, 2010

Best of Vancouver

I am so excited!!! A friend emailed me the other day and let me know she voted for me in the Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver.  That is a huge thing for me, the fact that while filling out 200 responses in the voting questionnaire I came top of mind when entering the jewellery/accessories box.

Which then took me to the next obvious thing to do.. vote for myself.. and then forward to the 275 people on my facebook friend list... and now.. here I am "Blegging" Blog begging..

It was never even a possibility that I would be considered or have the ability to be voted for... but alas.. here I am now, begging any and all readers to please go to: 
 And vote for me!  You do not need to fill out all 200 questions, just the ones you have an opinion about.

If you find it in your heart to vote for me, I would be forever in debted.   One of the other questions was for best Vancouver Blog and I put my vote to

If you haven't read it, Wendy is a great writer, is always positive and has great recipes and fun stories,  you can sign up to have an email sent to you daily.  It is how I start every morning. 

Another great and hilarious blog to read is
Unfortunately the writer is no longer from Vancouver otherwise.. it would have defiantly been a hard choice. 

I added a vote to the last page to "did we miss a category"  I added editor.. I have the worlds BEST editor, she is meticulous, friendly and offers awesome suggestions.  I have hired in the past and will only ever use her going forward:
 If you need someone to edit your website, book, pamphlets... she is #1 in my books :)

That is my shameless self promotion and promotion of what I find worth while reads. 
Have a great day!


  1. I'm definitely going to go vote for you and spread the word :)
    Aly, you are seriously the sweetest and I appreciate what you did so VERY much, thank you!!! You are too amazing for words!