Monday, July 26, 2010

A delicate balance

Here I am in the middle of summer, working from home with a stay at home dad, and 2 pre-school kids which technically makes us a stay at home family I think. 
I have to be honest.. It makes for an incredibly difficult work environment.. Seeing them get ready to go to the pool, hearing the laughter of them frolicking in the sun, oh how I yearn to be with them.  I work in the morning, and in the evening except for busy days, then it's just a sh*t show...  but I have stopped on the weekends (except to sell, I'll do that night or day..).  A few months ago I found my life was being taken over by my business and I was no longer enjoying my life. 
Then I read an incredible book Women, Food, and God  by Geneen Roth.  I read the book and connected instantly.  It has helped with my relationship with food, but it spoke to me on a much grander scale.  I had the opportunity to step back and look at my life.  I realised that I not only used food to avoid feelings, but I worked to avoid feelings.  There was a line that said something along the lines of "you weren't put on this earth to lose the same 10,20, 50 lbs over and over".
My life's purpose is not to avoid my life with work.  I enjoy and love my job, which is why it is so easy to get lost in it.  I have the most wonderful life, I just have to stop and take it in. 
Since affording myself the "OK" to take a break in the afternoon and play with my kids, go swimming with my family, hold my husbands hand and go for a walk to appreciate all things around me,  I have found that I am happier, and have a deeper passion for making my business a success. 
If I am OK with enjoying life,  and my life consists of my job which affords me the time to be with my kids and husband.. I am going to work as hard as I can to keep this.  I just need to remember to take time to enjoy what I am working so hard to provide for.   I want this business to be successful and thriving and something my children can take over should they choose. 
My daughter and I on a whim going to visit family on the island


  1. I think so many people can relate to this very honest and touching post Aly! It is so easy to get lost in work, and extremely important to take breaks because when you don't feel like you are getting enough time with your family your life suffers! I totally understand where you are coming from and appreciate you sharing what works for you. I think you'll help others in the process! That book sounds wonderful!

  2. I am reading Women Food and God is an amazing book that is very inspiring...we can chat more about it at cmaping this weekend...can't wait. Has your mom read the book too? I think she would really enjoy it.

  3. Thanks for the book suggestion, it sounds great! Nice to hear you are working at perfecting the "delicate balance" as it will serve you well. I love reading your posts and learning from your experiences. Thanks Aly.