Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The coveted Invitation

Have I mentioned how excited and thrilled and honoured and and and...

Well, to be honest.. For the first 36 hours that I was considering this I was sure I was being punked or dooped once again (long story but it seems I have been involved in a scam since December - I will likely blog about this once I am back should things not get resolved soon)

Anyway,  Here it is the very exciting and exclusive invitation to the event.  Only the top celebrities, media, stylists and High end Baby boutiques will be getting one of these.. 

Here it is for me to share with you (click on it to make it bigger..)
There I am under the Mommy Lounge .. I might note that I will be in the wonderful company of Spanx, hopefully I meet them the night before as I need some help for the day of!

There are some wonderful vendors that are also involved.. my little pony, Leap Frog, Giggle, Char-Lynn Baby n Belly. 

I have been fortunate enough to have made contact with the owner of Char-Lynn Baby 'N Belly and it seems all my fears, and excitement are shared.. which makes me feel totally normal and ready to take this on.  Check out her Char-Lynn Baby N belly at, they have some great stuff & they are even involved with Extreme Home Make Over. Great business and Heart!


  1. Aly I love the slideshow of your work, and your logo at the bottom. It is looking awesome over here. Did you design the logo yourself or do you have the name of someone of awesome? And your website is totally amazing as well!! It makes me excited to come and visit and see how pretty everything looks.

  2. I am sooo sorry to hear about what happened to you. Unfortunately, you are not alone.

    I agree with you. Jayneoni Moore is a complete liar (to put it lightly). She scammed me out of $1,000's of dollars. I could go on a on - but I won't. I know someone personally that is suing her over her fraud / scams. I hope there is justice in the world and others will be made aware of her and be taken in either.

    I have been blessed to be recognized by TRUE industry leaders and influencers and never paid them a dime for coverage of my designs and products.