Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What a High

I am just home from my first photo-shoot for my Aly Dahl Impressions line.  The display boards, and packaging are soon to be completed and they LOOK AMAZING!!!

Here are some quick pic's taken with my cell phone from the afternoon:

The shoot from my point of view before it started was nerve racking, and that fear of "Is it good enough"... until I saw the first picture.  It was amazing, my model Naomi who is one of the worlds most naturally beautiful women was fantastic.  She took direction like a pro and her perfect skin was the ultimate back-drop for my impressions line.
The photographer Amanda Skuse was terrific to work with, she has a great eye for detail and the lighting was luxurious.
Cory from Exhibit A Design Group directed the shoot,  the shoot is for our upcoming promotional material and display boards. He did such a great job, knowing exactly what he wanted and needed and as an out-sider watching, I was very impressed at the ability he had to know precisely what needed to happen.

I can not accurately describe in words the excitement I have inside of me to see the final product... The least I can say is VERY EXCITED :)

Thanks to Naomi, Cory and Amanda for a wonderful afternoon.

Smoooch... Aly


  1. Your pieces will be well highlighted on such a lovely model!