Monday, October 18, 2010

Totally Turquoise

I like to only have pieces in my collection that I love.  With that comes the heart-break when something sells.. the same comes when it's ready to part with.  I have had a piece of jewellery that I sometimes take out at a show with hesitation and fear that it may in fact one day sell.  Today I take the first step in parting with it. 

So here it goes, here is my favourite necklace:

The reason I love it is because of it's imperfections.  The amount of turquoise, and the handmade feel of it.  It is a very organic piece.  Each piece of turquoise is different in colour, some with many lines, some with very few.   It to me is beauty. 
Some would dis-regard some of the turquoise as "not good enough" or "too many imperfections".. but to me, it is why I love it.  The character of each piece is like people, we are all the same, but different.  Our unique lines and depth is what makes us special.

This piece is priced at $475 and is not yet on my site.. as that will take a few more days of talking myself into selling it :)



  1. I totally understand what you mean. It is a part of you. A beautiful part. A part that will bring happiness to another. I love what you said about the imperfections. I have my great great Grandmother's engagement ring which has 4 imperfect different sized rubies, and I love it. The imperfections are a better representation of life.

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart about these pieces Aly! Part of what makes these kinds of pieces so incredible is that they need no introduction, people who are drawn to polished perfection will find something else and those who love these imperfect intricacies will adore it and give it the home it deserves!

    True to this, is the piece you called "Glen". What others may have called flawed, spoke so strongly to my heart (and still does) that I felt as though I needed it - that it was a piece of my heart crafted in silver to be worn on the outside. Almost as though I had commissioned it myself. You do incredible work Aly.

  3. Ahhh shucks.. you guys are making me blush :)