Monday, February 1, 2010

Procrastination at work

I am finding myself in a procrastinating mood...
You see I love to create, that is what I do, and love to do. On my creative days I get totally swept away into another land. My brain is working in a way that I don't get to use on a day to day basis (and for that matter most of my adult life it was turned off). So when it gets turned on, I have an incredibly hard time turning it off and going back to business.  Today is one of those days,  last Wednesday I picked up some fantastic new stones. (A piece of turquoise that is simply stunning, I have never seen a nicer piece). I came home Wednesday afternoon and have had a hard time stopping the creative process.  I love working with my hands, drawing, sawing, filing, sanding, soldering, torching.. oh it has been bliss. I love it. 
Here it is Monday, I have spent the last 4 days creating and now...I need to do financials, bookkeeping, paybills, planning, sourcing suppliers, and ...wait for it.. get up the nerve to call businesses I would love to sell my fingerprint jewellery in.  My dream would to be in Blue Ruby, they have great jewellery and I think my fingerprint line would be a great fit in their store.  I love going in the Robson st location in Vancouver, everytime I am in there I can visualize my display on the counter. I would also like to call a few childrens botiques I would love to sell my line in, one being Hugs N Huddy in Langford. 

Next is festivals and trade shows, which are the good ones, which ones I can afford, and which ones have people who spend money?  I spent 10 years in the Comox Valley and each year they have the Filberg Festival on the August long weekend, I go back that weekend as often as possible as I simply love it.
I just received the the application form to be in it (it is a jurried process as they get so many Canadian artists wanting to be in the show).  It costs money to apply, and the cost to be in the show is $700-$1500 for 3 days. Ouch.  I need to apply next week if I want to go in it. It is so hard to decide..

I find myself procrastinating all of these things.  I went to my facebook page, checked things out, now I find myself on blogger writing this.. when in reality I should be doing my financials, etc...

So back to my problem.. how do I get myself back in "business" mode?... I guess I will go pick my daughter up from school and then try to figure that out...  I'll let you know if I came up with anything!

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