Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wow.. Way to Blog Aly

As it turns out the past year has been crazy good & busy.  Here I am in January, doing my annual business plan, when I decide to check out the last time I posted a blog.. Umm .. topic was Fathers Day. So it's been a while.

The summer was hard, after Fathers Day I suffered from extreme tendinitis and was actually worried about the future of my business.  What if it was something that would last forever? Would I be able to work?  The truth is, I am my business.  I am the artist, the sales department, the purchasing department, customer relations, book-keeper, marketing manager.. But without the ability to create with my hands I am none of those things.  To say the least, I was worried.

Luckily,  the summer is by far my quietest months for creating.  I typically work on my pret-a-porter line, or as we pronounce it in the west "ready to wear" line. Instead I took 2.5 months rest, and just around the same time as the fall orders rush started coming in, my hand and arm was feeling better.

So back to the grind I went.  Things had piled up on my break, not to mention the book keeping side of my brain had been on holiday since Jan 1st of 2011..  I found myself behind in everything. 

I finally made the big decision of hiring a book keeper.  I have to say hands down my smartest business move to date.  He is wonderful.  All I have to do is keep everything in a file & he magically tells me how much more I have to make to break even.  Heaven I say, Heaven.

Christmas was my best season to date, I was busier than ever and never happier.  I suppose having the threat of not being able to do what you love makes you love it even more.

I have been working on same great new fingerprint jewelry designs, as well as re-creating drawings from my kids into wearable silver art.  If you're interested contact me.  I hope to have them listed on www.alydahl.com soon. 

Hopefully I will remember to post again before June... if not.. Have a great Valentines, Mothers Day, Easter, Fathers Day...

Cheers,  Aly


  1. I am so sorry to hear about the tendinitis Aly! That must have been so hard on you. It is awesome you hired a book keeper to help with the many responsibilities you have. Keep going girl! xoxo

  2. Hi Aly, im your newest follower. your jewlery is so nice! I just love it! www.ashleybridgerdesigns.com