Friday, May 14, 2010

Glee and Art

I have become obsessed with the TV show Glee.  The one liners, the music, the over the top acting and scripts make it a weekly must.  My facebook status updates now see to have more show one liners than my momentary thoughts and beliefs. 

The show this week made me stop and think of my high school experience, and of my children's soon to be school experience.  I was so fortunate to go to a school (Vic High) that had numerous arts programs and opportunities for students.  We didn't have a glee but we did have band, drama, photography, and art clubs.  I kind of wish there had been a glee club... I wonder if I would have tried out...I'd like to think yes, however 17 year old Aly Dahl was much "cooler" than the 33 year old Alyson Johnson.

Watching and reading the news about budget cuts and our government shortages makes me so scared for my kids. It seems every year a program gets cut,  and at what expense?
For my children I want all the opportunities that I had, so they can figure out what they love to do before they become the decision makers of the world.

Canadians are a pretty creative bunch,  there are not many of us (compared to other countries) but we seem to make a pretty big impact on the film, music, art and the fashion worlds. Where did we learn to be so creative?  Is it the cold/rainy winters being in-doors that leads us to finding a creative outlet from sheer boredom?  Is it something we are taught? Perhaps it was from growing up in an education system that encouraged creative thinking, and doing.

I pray for my kids that I can afford to send them to private school as I think we may soon be in for a very big education disaster. When did it become ok to stop teaching our children "how to" in many different ways, reading, writing, arithmetic, science, social studies, physical education, dance, music, art, photography, the list goes on and on...  When did we start treating children like a financial burden and more like cattle than what they truly are... the hope for the future. They are the ones after all who will be responsible to budgetary cuts to our old folks homes :) 
What is the message that is actually being sent to the citizens of tomorrow?  I know there is only so much money, and I know that times are tough, but I am worried that the wrong programs are being cut at a huge expense.  I know very little about the inner workings of the government, and after sitting on a strata council I have no interest what so ever to be in politics, but I do wonder.. how can it seem so simple to so many "regular" people yet be getting missed by the "brains" that run our country?

When I look back at my life, my love of design and working with my hands came in high school.  I had a great art teacher, Robin Stefanick who taught me to have confidence in my work.  And after years of working jobs I thought I should do,  I am now doing what I love to do.   I work in the creative world.  My job designing and making jewellery is of the creative work.   It make me wonder "would I be doing what I am doing today if I had not had the opportunities I had in high school?".

So all that being said.. I am so happy that shows like Glee are on TV and are good shows.  I believe we live in a media world and no matter when we left high school, we live in a high school society that follows the popular kids.  Perhaps with Glee, there is some hope for programs of creativity to exist in our schools because they are popular.  The more the kids are exposed to the more they will want to do, the more they want to do, the more they will learn.. and the smarter, stronger, healthier they are... the better off the world will be.

I am in the works to be teaching a jewellery making class at the local arts centre and although it will be adults I teach, I think the message is the same no matter the age.
"Your work is beautiful because you made it, someone, somewhere, will love it, if you do".  
We as people are able to do so many things and anything is possible if you make it possible. You just have to want to.

That is my rant for today.  If you are looking to order a Silver fingerprint Dog Tag for Fathers Day I am about to post a new option on my website : for a smooth finished two print tag that is beautiful.  I just got in some amazing sterling silver ball chains to accompany the dog tags from Italy that are stunning.
Maybe if I get my act together I will do a blog on the dog tags in the next day or two... knowing me.. probably 3 :)    Have a great weekend,  and thanks for reading.


  1. I love what you said Aly and share your passion for keeping creativity in our children's lives!

  2. p.s. keep us posted about the class