Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Etsy, Xanga, Twitter and Facebook

I have been on Facebook for some time now. It was really the only place I was for the longest time. I have a fanpage under Your Prints Charming, I have a 50 or so fan's and hope for that to grow.

As I learn more about what you "need" to do to launch a website and business and to say the least, this could be a full time job just updating all the networking sites.

I am keeping this blog more of a place for me to keep record of my existence and a memory of the things I did to get started. So when I am crazy successful I can look back and remember it was because of all the hard work.

I did 3 craft shows this past week, they were good but I learned that I need to know the target market of the people going to the craft fair. I sold enough to have made it worth while but I do wonder if I were somewhere with less grey hair and more hip moms if I would have done better.

I am now on Etsy with some custom pieces I have done as well as the fingerprint jewellery.


I am now addicted to Etsy, it is such a great site for craftsmen. I love all the amazing things different artists are doing.

I have started a twitter account, I am really enjoying giving random rants of what I am up to on it: User: Yourprintscharm

Take a look at my stuff on Etsy and my webpage: www.silverfingerprints.ca

Thanks again for reading, I really appreciate it.


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